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Over the years, Wicanders ® has developed floor and wall coverings with exclusive properties due to its innovative Corktech technology. By using a unique engineered multilayer structure, which combines state of the art technology with the exclusive natural properties of cork, a higher standard in flooring was achieved, providing the perfect match between beauty, comfort and durability.

With style-savvy looks, Cork is one of the most innovative floor covering choices available today and is adored by designers and consumers alike. It is the ultimate in “Eco-Chic” design and boasts the greenest story in floor covering. All Wicanders’ Cork products are manufactured using Corktech: a uniquely engineered multilayer structure, which combines state-of-the-art technology with the exclusive natural properties of cork. Corktech represents a higher standard in flooring and provides the perfect match between beauty, comfort, & durability.

The Greenguard Environmental Institute has awarded the prestigious Greenguard Gold certification indicating the highest level of air quality emission standards – significant for children & parents sensitive to toxins making Wicanders Cork the ultimate in healthy and energy cost living.

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Brand:  Wicanders
Features:  Cork is one of the most unique & diverse raw materials in the world. Not only is it beautiful but it is also a completely natural, renewable and sustainable resource. This makes it an ideal flooring choice. Not a single tree is cut down in the making of cork flooring. When harvesting cork, only the outer bark of the cork oak tree is removed. This process is done by hand to maximize the cork bark output while ensuring no harm is caused to the tree. After approximately nine years the bark will fully grow back and will be ready for harvesting once again. One cork tree can be harvested for up to 150 years and will live for a total of 200 years or more. All Wicanders Cork is harvested exclusively throughout the Mediterranean Basin.
Color Name:  various
Species:  Cork
Width  between 5″ and 12″
Length  between 48″ and 72″
Thickness  between .24″ and 45″
Sq. Ft. Per Carton:
Weight Per Carton:
Category:  Flooring
Installation Method:
Application:  Residential, Commercial. On, above and below grade.


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