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Richlite is commonly specified in countertops, wall clading, wainscoting, window sills, stair treads, bathroom partitions, guard rails, partition doors, cabinet doors, furniture, menus, signage, exterior cladding, rain-screen, siding, kick plates, and more.

It takes fortitude and ingenuity to carve out a life in the woods. Richlite Company pioneered the paper-composite surface Industry beginning in 1943 beneath the majestic mountains and primeval forests of America’s Pacific Northwest.

Like its surroundings, natural beauty, longevity and sustainability give Richlite’s materials a mark of distinction in the architectural community. It’s a versatile product with character that complements rugged to refined designs from urban centers to mountain hideaways.

Architects and designers consistently surprise us with the creative uses they find for Richlite. Kitchens, baths, commercial reception areas, stair treads, exterior wall cladding, cutting surfaces, guitar parts, outdoor furniture, signage, luxury ping pong tables, it never ends. And the product lasts a lifetime.

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Brand: Richlite Company
  • Richlite first started business in 1943.
  • The first patent was obtained in 1943.
  • Richlite has also been called Cellulose Products, Tacoma Plywood Co., American Plywood Co, Rainier Plywood Co, Rainier Richlite.
  • Richlite first introduced panels in the aerospace industry, later moving onto commercial cutting boards and food prep surfaces, marine industry, skate ramps and extreme sports industry, and finally the architectural market.
  • Richlite’s unique manufacturing system, WE Technology, reduced our carbon foot print by 32%.
  • Richlite patinas over time, growing warmer and deeper in color as a result of sunlight and oxygen.
  • Richlite doesn’t degrade nor does it off gas.
  • Richlite is commonly specified in countertops, wall clading, wainscoting, window sils, stair treads, bathroom partitions, guard rails, partition doors, cabinet doors, furniture, menus, signage, exterior cladding, rainscreen, siding, kick plates, and more.
  • Richlite can be milled easily, like wood, but is much more dense, durable and long lasting.In fact, richlite has been milled into a smooth round sphere.
  • Richlite manufactures with both Rapidly Renewable FSC Certified paper and recycled paper fibers.
  • Richlite has an inherently natural feel with a mottled pattern. The finish out of the mill is similar to leather, when sanded it can be incredibly smooth and silky.
  • Stain, water, scratch and heat resistent.
  • Manufactured in Tacoma, WA and distributed world wide.
  • The color of Richlite surfaces is determined by the paper color used in the manufacturing process. Black Diamond comes from black paper while Chocolate Glacier comes from dark brown material. The resin used in the manufacturing process darkens the color giving it deep, rich tones that run through the thickness of each sheet. Designers enjoy working with the material because the color is consistent when they machine edges and features directly in the surface.
  • Richlite surfaces come in a variety of colors offered through the NW, Cascade and RainShadow collections to suit a breadth of design tastes.
Color Name: Northwest collection: Yellow Island, Grays Harbor, Blue Canyon, Redstone, Black Diamond, Chocolate Glacier, Browns Point and Green Mountain.

  • Richlite Northwest Black Diamond
    Black Diamond

    Black Diamond becomes a rich, velvety black.

  • Redstone

    Redstone appears as a deep wine red at first, darkening slightly while becoming warmer.

  • Richlite Northwest Green Mountain
    Green Mountain

    Begins a cool green-blue and develops into a warm, olive green.

  • Richlite Northwest Yellow Island
    Yellow Island

    Similar in color to Baguette and r100 but lighter and more yellow in color.

  • Richlite Northwest Chocolate Glacier
    Chocolate Glacier

    Darkens to a rich brownish-black. NOW 100% RECYCLED.

  • Richlite Northwest Blue Canyon
    Blue Canyon

    First appears as a dark cobalt blue and darkens toward navy, eventually becoming almost black.

  • Richlite Northwest Browns Point
    Browns Point

    Starts off as a medium brown, aging into a leathery honey brown.

  • Richlite Northwest Grays Harbor
    Grays Harbor

    Starts off dark grey, aging into a deep, gunmetal hue.
    NOW 100% RECYCLED.

  • Richlite Northwest r50

    Starts as a medium brown, aging into a warm, honey-brown – similar to Browns Point. You can differentiate this color by noticing the small specks common to recycled paper.

  • Richlite Northwest r100

        r100 is made with one hundred percent recycled paper (post consumer waste) collected from recycle bins and then returned as a durable and unique surface material.

Since the paper color is neutral, the color you see is purely a result of the resin. It first appears a pale, amber color and over time will darken to sienna, similar to an old fir floor.


Cascade collection:


Available in 1/2” thick. Red and Black stripes.

  • Cascade Rainier

    Available in 1-1/4″ thick; multicolor with Chocolate, yellow and black stripes.

  • Cascade Adams

    Available in 1” thick. Brown and Yellow strips.

  • Cascade Hood

    Available in 1” thick. Blue and yellow stripes.

  • Cascade Shasta

    Available in 1-1/4” thick. Multicolor with Yellow, Green, Brown and Black Stripes.

  • Cascade Little Tahoma
    Little Tahoma


Species:  Paper
Slab sizes  48″x 96″, 48″x 120″, 48″x 144″, 60″x 120″, 60″x 144″, 30″x 120″, 30″x 144″
Thickness  14″, 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/2″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, 2″, 2-1/2″, 3″
Sq. Ft. Per Carton:  N/A
Weight Per Carton:
Installation Method:
Application:  Residential and Commercial


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