Materials: Starting at $60/sf – $80/sf
Materials + Installs: Typically between $90/sf – $150/sf

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Nuxite is made from crushed walnut shells suspended in a zero VOC resin binder. Walnut shells are a sustainably grown and renewable byproduct of annual walnut food crop harvests which impart their characteristics of high density, low absorption, and light weight to Nuxite.

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Brand: Rust Brothers

We hand craft our composites using only zero VOC epoxy resins. Different proprietary formulations are used for each application, but our resins have one thing in common – they are all VOC free, and do not off-gas any nasty chemical byproducts before, during, or after the creation of each countertop panel. Our premium resin systems allow us to make countertops that are stronger, more durable and more earth friendly than composites made with polyester resin.

Color Name:  N/A
Thickness  1″
Sq. Ft. Per Carton:
Weight Per Carton:
Construction:  Biocomposite Surface Material
Installation Method:
Application:  Countertops


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