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Godfrey Hirst – Wool Carpet

Starting at $3/sf

Rapidly Renewable Resource Made in USA

Wool carpet is the premium fiber choice for your home. The wool fiber production process consists of The Natural Elements…Sun, Rain, Grass and Sheep. No artificial ingredients needed, no artificial ingredients added.

Wool is always in style.

Luxurious and classic, it will complement and enhance your home for years to come. Wool continues to be the number one choice for the discerning customer desiring a quality floor covering that is available in variety of styles, colors and textures.

Texture and pattern make their way to your floor from designs inspired by the world around us. Whether it be nature or futuristic geometric shapes, your floor can be the canvas for these subtle to striking designs. Varying pile heights enhance pattern and create textured interest. Practicality is assured with these carpets effectively concealing soiling.

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Brand: Godfrey Hirst
Features: Sustainable, Renewable, biodegradable and energy efficient by reducing heating and cooling by preventing heat loss and heat rising through floors.
Color Name: Call or visit store for full range of colors
 Species: New Zealand Wool
 Width: 12’ or 13’ 2”
 Length: Calculated square feet or square yards
 Thickness: Various
 Sq. Ft. Per Carton: N/A
 Weight Per Carton:  N/A
 Category: Carpet
 Installation Method: Professional installation recommended


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Slab Shipping Estimates

Local Midwest Delivery

Local courier service (including all of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa, and the eastern portions of Nebraska, South Dakota, and North Dakota) of slabs weighing less than 150 lbs. will cost between $15 and $30. (This estimated range includes liability insurance up to $100.) Handling will be an additional $35.

Larger slabs (weighing over 150 lbs.) will ship within the same local area, dock-to-dock, for $75-$150 on average (abnormally large slabs will be more). Residential deliveries will see an added $35; $45 for delivery inside-the-first-threshold. Additionally, these large, palletized slabs incur a $70 handling charge.

Please allow 7-10 days from time of purchase for delivery. Expedited service may be available.

The above estimates are meant to give a general sense of shipping & handling charges; they are subject to change at any time.

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