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DuChateau’s Hardwood Flooring Collections represent the very best of our industry with artful colors, innovative surface treatments and unmistakable luxury in every detail. Critical to the uniqueness of our collections, each floor is a celebration of true craftsmanship and nature, full of rich subtleties and inherent beauty. It is what has fueled our success in offering unprecedented luxury potential to any design space.


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Brand: DuChateau
  • Sustainability
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Prefinished has a Hard wax oil finish
  • Wide Plank
  • Engineered Construction
  • Surface Treatments
  • Variation
Care and Maintenance: A hard-wax oiled DuChâteau® hardwood floor must be maintained through regular cleanings
and periodic oiling using DuChâteau-approved products only. Unlike polyurethane and
aluminum-oxide finished floors, products containing alcohol – a cleaning solution
additive as a drying agent – will break down the vital waxes and oils of your DuChâteau
hard-wax oil floor and damage them.
Species: European Oak, Walnut, Larch and Ash; American Black Walnut
Width  7- 7/16″
Length  72″
Thickness  5/8″
Sq. Ft. Per Carton:  22.34 sq. ft
Weight Per Carton:  40 lbs.
Category: Wood flooring
Construction: Sustainable, wide-plank, engineered construction DuChateau hardwood floors feature an engineered (multi-ply hardwood construction, consisting of at least two types of different wood products adhered together. The top layer (what you see when installed) offers a highly desired species of wood, like oak, while the bottom substrate layer (what you don’t see when installed) utilizes a fast-growing species.
Manufacturing our floors in this way allows us to more sustainably harvest trees for nearly all
of our floors and produce high quality floors with the same robust and luxurious feeling of solid
wood flooring. When installed properly, an engineered floor is virtually indistinguishable from a solid wood floor – the very same look and feel with the added stability in a far more
environmentally-conscious way.
Installation Method:  Nail or glue down
Application:  Above or below grade


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