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Clay Squared to Infinity

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When you choose handmade tile, you bring warmth, depth, and unique personality into your home. Clay Squared tiles have many green attributes including, Long life cycle / 100 years plus
No VOC’s ( Volatile organic compounds)
15% recycled content
80% recycled of sourced materials

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Brand: Clay Squared to Infinity
Features: Field tiles are made by hand, and each one contains subtleties and variations that breathe life into your space. Our color palette is inspired by the natural and edible world and, depending on your choices, may stimulate or soothe the senses. You may be surprised at what combinations speak to you and your home.
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Construction: Clay Squared tile is a handcrafted tile made from a special mix of terra cotta clay. Its specialty is that it is exterior grade and has an expected life span of over a 100 years. Clay Squared tile is made one of two ways, larger tiles 5″ up to 12″ are all hand rolled out in the time honored method of wedging the clay to extract the air out of the clay and then rolled flat with a rolling pin. Using two same thickness wood slats we can make each tile the same thickness.
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