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Pro Sales Discount and Rebate Program

The Natural Built Home Store is the perfect place for eco-conscious consumers to plan their remodeling or home improvement projects.  Our design staff can help with any size project. Click Here (Hyperlink to Product Line Card) is a list of the products we carry at The Natural Built Home Store.

How to Become a Member

Professional customers (people who make a living with the products they buy) may apply for membership in the Pro Sales Rebate Program by submitting a completed application. Acceptance for membership is at the sole discretion of Natural Built Home. If accepted, a membership kit will be issued in the company name indicated on the application and Pro Sales Rebate Program credits will be earned by that company only, for payments to Natural Built Home, on that company’s account or cash purchases by the customer. Where the customer is other than an individual, an authorized representative must be designated to act for the customer on all matters pertaining to membership. Pro Sales Rebate Program Rewards reserves the right to remove any Member for breach of these terms and conditions or for any other reason, at its sole discretion. In such an event, Pro Sales Rebate Program Rewards shall have the right to cancel the Member’s Pro Sales Rebate Program credits.

How the Program Works

As a Pro Sales Rebate Program Rewards Member will recieve:

  • 5.0% contractor discount on every purchase (excluding sales tax).
  • 2.5% discount for paying with a check or cash.
  • Free delivery on all orders over $300.00 including paint*.

* Within 20 miles of Natural Built Home. $2 per mile beyond 20 miles. Additional charges apply for large items and high rises.

Additionally you qualify for Pro Sales Rebate Program Credits which may be used to purchase additional products at Natural Built Home. You will earn Pro Sales Rebate Program credits on the basis of total dollar purchases (excluding sales tax) the previous quarter.

Quarterly Purchase               $0 – $5,000           $5,001 – $10,000                   $10,001+

Rebate                                                    3%                       5%                                          7%

Pro Sales Rebate Program Rewards Credits are not earned for payments which do not comply with Natural Built Home’s payment terms; for example, late payments or payments for which an N.S.F. check was tendered.  Pro Sales Discounts can not be combined with any other sales or promotions.  Members will receive either the sales price or contractor discount. Active Club Members will receive an Activity Report each quarter that shows payments (minus sales tax), Pro Sales Rebate Program Rewards Credits earnings for the quarter, reward purchases and the current balance of Credits.  Also, from time to time Natural Built Home or other Sponsors, may include the Member in other mailings. Pro Sales Rebate Program Credits are not equivalent to US dollars, are non- transferable, have no cash surrender value and cannot be used as a credit against outstanding account balances. If a Pro Sales Rebate Program Rewards Member does not accumulate any Pro Sales Rebate Program Points for a period of one year, the membership will be terminated and the Members’ Pro Sales Rebate Program Points become null and void. The Pro Sales Rebate Program will continue until further notice. In the event that the program is discontinued, six months notice will be given.

Membership Kit / Membership Cards

Each Pro Sales Rebate Program Rewards Member will receive a Membership Kit which includes:

  • NBH product literature as desired.

Each Pro Sales Rebate Program Rewards Member has a unique Membership Number.  A set of business cards with this number will be given to each Member.  These are intended to be given to the Members clients to direct them to the Natural Built Home showroom as well as to employees who are authorized to make purchases.

Pro Sales Rebate Program Hotline


Fax Line 866-877-4982

MN BC005657


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