DoorsOuCabinetsr Salvage Room is now open with recycled material for your next DIY project. You can sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive up to date lists of miscellaneous items like hardware, lights, tile, flooring, samples, and other building materials that you will need to come in to see!

Here are some images of recent items we have had in our Savage Room

Call us at 612-605-7999 or email with questions or to purchase an item.

NBH Salvage Room Policy
Effective July 1, 2015

All Salvage Room sales are final.  Our sales staff is not liable for any missing pieces, providing model numbers, product info, etc.  Please thoroughly inspect all items before purchase.  All items are sold as-is.

craftsman-style-bungalow-molecule-tiny-home-001-600x789 Tiny Home Framing redwood-tiny-house-1 Finished Tiny Home 2 Tiny Home 2