The Natural Built Home Store’s professional approach stems from the understanding of how difficult it can be for our clients to live through a remodeling project, as well as the emotional roller coaster ride that remodeling can cause. We believe that how our clients’ experiences are managed is as important as, or more important than the actual finished remodeling product.

The Natural Built Home Store utilizes a unique team approach that provides experts to assist you in each phase of the remodeling project. Many retail store and remodeling companies rely on one associate to help their client through the sales, design, estimating, and project management phases of a project. In contrast, The Natural Built Home Store uses a team approach that pairs an experienced Interior Designer with a Project Manager. You will begin by working with a trained Interior Designer who helps you plan the space and make selections that match your taste. After this phase, the team works together to create a detailed set of specifications and proposal. During the production phase, a Project Manager becomes the eyes and ears on site to ensure that the project is executed as planned. Because our team approach requires more hand-offs and more management of details, NBH has created an industry-leading system to retain control over the process. Some examples of the professional systems and practices that The Natural Built Home Store uses can be found below.

Mobile Communications: We realize communication is at the core of our business and have invested in the best technologies and tools.  Each Project Manager is equipped with a smart phone.  This unique technology allows instant access to client and trade partner information and ensures that clients can reach their project manager.

Detailed Specification: Our detailed specification serves as a road map for the project and has proven to be extremely reliable and accurate. This system leads to improved communication and helps our customers and craftsmen to deliver an as-designed project with less problems and re-work than our competitors.

Design & Planning System: The Natural Built Home’s system of building the project in a 3D computer-aided design program before physically building the project removes the mystery for many homeowners. The ability to see the project in 3D before construction eliminates the need for our clients to be able to read blueprints and also leads to extremely accurate estimates. With detailed plans and even more detailed Line-Item Specifications, NBH’s customers have very few surprises during the project. To find out more on The Natural Built Home Store’s Design & Planning Process, click here

Change Order System: Our documented change order system is easy to follow and leads to accurate tracking of additional costs and credits. Change orders can be e-mailed for review and convenience. To see an example of a NBH’s change order, click here

Contractual Documents: The Natural Built Home Stores’s professional and balanced contractual documents protect both parties involved. To see an example of a contract used by NBH, click here

Building Performance Guidelines: NBH provides all remodeling clients with a very thorough set of building performance guidelines that clearly lay out what to expect from your home and what to do if a warranty issue arises.

Job Start Binder: At the start of large projects, NBH’s clients receive a 3-ring project binder with information on the care and maintenance of the products used in their project. The Job Start Binder also provides a place to keep plans, invoices, change orders, and other project materials. This binder is designed to answer questions before they arise and helps to keep the myriad of project paperwork organized and tidy.

Educational Resources: Over the years, NBH has built a library of educational resources relating to product maintenance, remodeling, and older homes. Our in-office library was started to help educate employees but is open and available to the public and customers. We believe in education and have educational resources available on our website as well. To visit NBH’s education section, click here

Lifetime Warranty: The Natural Built Home Store’s long-term view of serving the client and building a lifetime relationship differs from many retailers and contractors who are just trying to survive and only offer the state mandated warranty. Our philosophy is to do things right the first time. The Natural Built Home’s one-of-a-kind lifetime warranty on remodeling encourages quality from the start and guarantees that if there is a problem with workmanship, it will be fixed.


You can sleep well knowing that there will be no unforeseen or unexpected costs for your remodeling project. Because The Natural Built Home Store plans so thoroughly we can actually guarantee this. Compare this with many companies in the industry that utilize a system based on allowances that fluctuate wildly after the contract is signed leaving clients unsure of project costs and unable to plan financially.


We’re fast, guaranteed, or we pay you. Once again because we plan your entire project well in advance of starting we can guarantee substantial completion to a forecasted completion date. This takes the worry out of the nightmare project that never ends and creates an incentive for The Natural Built Home Store and our partners to get your home remodeled quickly so you can get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.