corkEach product found at The Natural Built Home Store must pass through a strict quality and values criteria focusing on: Health, Sustainability, Resource/Energy Conservation, Durability, and Location of Production.  Throughout our website and store we use icons to let you know the green attributes of each product.  We specialize in earth friendly cabinets, countertops, flooring, hardware and tile.   Stop by The Natural Built Home Store showroom to see these beautiful products in person.

What are “Green” Materials?

Products themselves are not “green” but certain products have attributes that make them a more ecological choice over a conventional product, including:

  • The type of material used
  • The waste generated during the production and transportation
  • The overall life expectancy of a product.

When looking through the website and our store for materials to use in your home, look for the following icons showing what eco-friendly attributes that product has. Happy shopping!

  1. Health Icon Health – Product is non or low-toxic and is healthier than its conventional counterparts.
  2. Indoor Air Indoor Air Quality – Product will not contribute to poor indoor air quality inside of the home by         releasing formaldehyde or other toxic chemicals.
  3. Recycled Icon Recycled Content – Can be post-consumer (recovered from curb side recycling programs) or pre-consumer (waste materials from the production process).
  4. Water Saving Water Saving Fixture – Adding a water saving fixture to any water source in a home can save money, and reduce the amount of water wasted per year.
  5. MN Local Locally Produced – Products produced within 500 miles reduce required transportation energy.
  6. rapidlyRenewable Rapidly Renewable Resource – A resource that naturally regenerates within 15 years.
  7. Energy Saving Energy Savings – Products that reduce energy usage.
  8. Made in USA Made in USA – Products are made in USA